Get Woke, Go Broke

March 6, 2024

“GamerGate 2.0” Begins as Grifter Organization Sweet Baby, Inc. Pressures Game Developers to Fill Their Games With Divisive Woke Content – Ace of Spades HQ

You’ve probably heard of “sensitivity readers” in the publishing industry. These are grifters who “offer” their services to read unpublished manuscripts and tell publishers in which way they must be censored — or blocked from publishing altogether — to avoid the friends and allies of the sensitivity readers from #Cancelling the publisher and causing them major public relations grief. And, they threaten, losses of profit as well. (Though I think that’s a phantasmal threat — everyone hates these people, and anyone who defies them will make more money, not less.)

Sweet Baby Inc. claims to be a game development company, but they develop no games. Instead, they pressure actual game companies to hire them to censor their games for them.