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January 24, 2024

Very interesting case of some Chinese United Front members trying to bully a British musician from filming inside St Pancras railway station. (The real-life “Harry Potter” station.)

British pianist Brendan Kavanagh confronted by CCP propagandists – China Insider with David Zhang

The title of the next video isn’t quite accurate. While the policewoman did try to make a case, she ultimately accepted the fact that Brendan Kavanagh was filming legally in a public place and she let him walk without so much as a warning.

Youtuber ATTACKED By Chinese Tourists For Playing Piano & Cops Side With THEM Over Brendan Kavanagh – The Quartering

Dr K Vs. The Chinese Communists – Interview On TalkTV – Brendan Kavenagh

Brendan Kavanagh vs Angry Chinese Group | The Piano Incident |10-year American Expat in China REACTS – Chopsticks and Trains

Chinese Provocateurs Who Targeted YouTuber IDENTIFIED – Mahyar Tousi TV

The full-length livestream video:

Police Called To Stop Filming During Piano Livestream – Brendan Kavenagh