Cancel Culture

November 28, 2023

Now That Their Leftwing Allies are Facing Cancelation — I Mean, “Accountability” — Leftwing Propaganda Media Begins Decrying “the New McCarthyism” | Ace of Spades HQ

Did [Politico] talk to a single conservative before writing this? Apparently not. We just don’t count. We’re meant to be speech-patrolled, they’re meant to be free.

The New York Times, meanwhile, claimed that first it was college campuses, and only now are corporations firing people over wrongspeech.

Only now, New York Times? Really? The New York Times itself has fired people and forced people to resign over wrongspeech! And now they’re pretending this is a “new” feature of corporate life?

Again, what they mean is: The new thing is that the wrong people are being cancelled.

You’re Not Going to Believe This, But the Deadspin “Journalist” Who Attempted to Ruin a White Child’s Life Has a History of Being Triggered by the Mere Existence of White People | Ace of Spades HQ

Who else would fucking hunt a child?

A cunt of a Deadspin “journalist” [Carron J. Phillips] defamed a child yesterday, libeling him in claiming the kid was wearing “blackface” at a Chiefs game. The kid was not.

But this “journalist” needed some clicks and “content” so he tried scalphunting a little kid, tossing out false, defamatory charges of racism.


[AI replacing sports writers] can’t happen fast enough. Every fucking “journalist” should lose his job. And then I’ll laugh and laugh and laugh and laugh.

Journalists Condemn Little Leaguer For Wearing 12% Blackface – Babylon Bee

UPDATE (November 29, 2023): Defamation: Mom of Child Targeted by Deadspin’s Clickbait Racist Reveals That He’s Native American – Ace of Spades HQ

He was accused of being racist against both blacks and Indians.

Turns out, he’s an Indian.

H/t: Instapundit