Cancel Culture

November 22, 2023

Nolte: Nolan, del Toro Urge Americans to Purchase Physical Media — ‘Almost a Fahrenheit 451’ | John Nolte (

Nolan encouraged people to purchase his upcoming Blu-ray release of Oppenheimer so that ”no evil streaming service can come steal it from you.”

In a follow-up interview with the Incredible Shrinking Far-Left Washington Post, Nolan explained, “There is a danger, these days, that if things only exist in the streaming version, they do get taken down, they come and go.”


It’s not only movies… People who love books should preserve books. The jihad against the classics like To Kill a Mockingbird, Gone with the Wind, and Huckleberry Finn is no secret. The Sensitivity Gestapo is actively rewriting Ian Fleming and Roald Dahl. This was unimaginable 20 years ago…

Dr. Seuss too, IIRC.

H/t: JosiahRises