Genre Criticism

November 6, 2023

Report: Marvel Executive Fired For Not Sounding the Alarm on the Female-Centric Direction of the “Blade” Movie – Ace of Spades HQ

Ace gets prickly in addressing those who complain about Disney posts:

Is your objection to talking about Disney that Disney makes media for children and you are an adult? I would think propaganda directed at children would be more objectionable than that directed at adults.


This is a business/culture/politics story, not about your need to tell us for the thousandth time that you don’t watch superhero movies.



You may think American media is beneath your consideration. You are wrong. It is incubator, disseminator, and propagator for every sick and destructive idea that is currently destroying this country.


You may think that constantly repeating “I think this is silly and you are silly for reporting on it” makes you sound tough, serious-minded, and manly. It doesn’t. It makes you sound like a bitchy old woman complaining that the conversation has briefly turned from crocheting to macrame and she doesn’t like this new direction at all.

You certainly are not required to be interested in this story. But you are required to allow other people to be interested it without the daily drumbeat of trying to shame me from covering it.