Genre Criticism

October 30, 2023

Your Daily Disney Disaster: Disney Delays Snow Beige Until 2025; Gina Carano Torches Kaffeine Kennedy – Ace of Spades HQ

The [South Park Panderverse] episode wasn’t great. Many of the jokes were obvious, knocking down the lowest of low-hanging fruit, and then ending with a “both sides are wrong” message.

Really? I’m wrong? I’m not responsible for driving Disney’s stock price down from $160 to $79 and change.

And if I am partly responsible: Good. Proudest day in my life.

But even though South Park finished with some cowardly, sniveling, ass-kissing both-sidesing, the thing is, Disney’s critics do not have shareholders ready to fire us for criticizing Disney.

But Bob Iger and Kaffeine Kennedy do have shareholders they must appease.

So even though South Park’s final craven message was “both sides are wrong,” it still only hurts one side, and that’s Disney.

Disney’s shareholders now have the image of their crumbling share value linked with Kaffeine Kennedy’s endless demands to “put a chick in it and make it gay!”

And now that the Unsayable Thing has been said loudly enough that no one can pretend they didn’t hear it, people will actually begin talking about the Unsayable Thing.

H/t: Instapundit