Cancel Culture

October 19, 2023

Why Does Google Hate the Blogfather? – The Other McCain

“Demonetizing” is censorship, period, and it didn’t start happening — the orchestrated attempt to shut down independent online publishing — until Obama’s second term. There was a left-wing blogosphere (the “moonbats,” as we called them) and a right-wing blogosphere (the “wingnuts,” as the Left called us), and the existence of two oppositional blogospheres was a fact of life everyone in the game understood.


When Instapundit and Ace of Spades subsequently stopped using Twitter, it was not so much as a protest against the banning of myself and others as it was an acknowledgement that Twitter was (and is) a parasitical growth that exploits its users.

If memory serves, the immediate reason that Ace left Twitter was because he looked at his analytics and realized he was being shadowbanned. (Which numerous Twitter execs perjured themselves in denying ever, ever happened.)

However, both subsequently concluded that their Twitter content provided revenue for Twitter, not for them.